Natural Health Techniques are not ‘Alternative’. They are Ancient.

Our life force directs our bodies to heal themselves given the conditions to thrive and function. Embracing a holistic approach to your well-being is a powerful life enhancing choice.

Holistic Herbalism

  • The medicinal properties of plants have been used worldwide since ancient times.
  • Traditional health systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are based upon plant and natural remedies.
  • Western Medicine is based upon plants, but created in a laboratory.
  • Why use synthetic when you can have the real and whole power of the plant?
  • The closest substance to the chemistry if blood cells is chlorophyll.
  • Weeds have the power to thrive through pulling/spraying/burning – many work in synergy to the body offering up their strength and compatibility to the human organism.
  • Worldwide scientific research confirms ancient knowledge.

£ 38/hour (includes personal health plan printed and sent to you by mail)

£14/20 mins Follow-up


Essential oils provide diverse benefits:

  • Work in complex harmony with people and the planet.
  • Protection of health
  • Pleasure and Sensory benefits.
  • Alleviating symptoms of ill health.
  • Affecting your whole being.
  • Over 100 different chemical components in each Essential Oil.
  • Diverse properties and benefits.
  • Tailored massage: deep tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Sports.
  • The positive effects of massage are accumulative from regular treatment.

£ 41/hour


  • A specific pressure technique that treats the whole being through the feet or hands.
  • Our feet provide our physical and energetic connection to the earth.
  • Can relieve a variety of symptoms and conditions.
  • Can reduce stress and revitalise your energy.
  • Improving the circulation of blood and lymph, calms the nervous system.
  • Can induce deep relaxation and triggers natural endorphins (pain killers).

£ 38/hour

Doula Birth Support

Having a Doula Birth Companion has proven to:

  • Reduce the length of Labour
  • Reduce the need for pain medicines
  • Enhances Breast feeding and bonding
  • Reduce pain and anxiety during child birth
  • Reduce the chance of caesarean section

Please ask so that we can work out a plan for you


  • Ancient and simple energy system of catalysing the healing response of the body/whole being
  • Defined and named by Japanese healer Mikao Usui in 1800’s.
  • Attunement opens the energy channels for healing yourself and others.

Indian Head Massage

  • Based upon the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.
  • Focused Massage/acupressure technique upon your head, neck and shoulders.
  • Using a variety of pressure and techniques treating your chakra’s energy pathways to encourage healing and balance.
  • A deeply relaxing and revitalising treatment.

£ 23.00/half hour

Holistic Nutrition

‘May food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ Hippocrates.

  • Many chronic disease are a direct symptom of poor nutrition and/or intolerances.
  • Nutrition is fundamental to human health, which is often overlooked.
  • Healthful nutrition aids the maintenance of vitality, strength and mental health throughout life.
  • Nutritional supplementation targets specific illness and disorders.

£ 38.00/hour  (includes a personal health plan printed out and sent to you)

Home visits and Treatment Vouchers are available – please ask.