About Me

My name is Nathalie Lloyd… this is my path…

As a child, I was lucky enough to live on the coast, I spent many hours watching the sea come in and go out. The tides symbolised my life, everything I realised, has a heartbeat, an energy, a cycle.

My awareness deepened with the introduction by my grandmother (a wise woman indeed) to a Reflexologist.  I walked into my first session age 12 and instantly fell in love with the crystals and atmosphere and treatments that this wonderful woman Sylvia had created within her healing room.

The Reflexology sessions were aimed at dealing with my back pain and I enjoyed them to the point where I felt that it was something I would like to study.

My first experiences of essential oils came later in my teens and my enthusiasm for their incredible benefits and wonderful aromas led me straight down the path of Aromatherapy, Herbalism and Plant Healing.

When I became attuned to Reiki it seemed to press on the accelerator of my healing, knowledge, practise and teaching opportunities.

Having entered this world, the doors kept opening and very soon it became just my way of life.

Teaching my favourite subjects and empowering people to live healthy natural lives became a vocation.

To live an earth friendly existence is an aim which I keep striving for and is quite a challenge in these disconnected times.

Having children intensified my love for natural medicine as these small being take a lot of caring about especially as I choose the less conventional route of avoiding most pharmaceutical medicines and vaccinations as far as possible (I never say never).  I worked out and researched many solutions for looking after my children holistically, so far, so good (thanks be!)

I thank my children for those educational experiences!

I became a doula after experiencing both hospital and home births and extended breastfeeding, I understand the pains and gains of all options and remain open minded as to what suits and what each individual needs in these times.

A friend was with me for each birth, the impact they had upon my labours and birthing experiences were huge.  To have the support of a woman who knows and can advocate for you when you can hardly speak is something that has a value beyond words.

Becoming a Doula enabled me to offer new mothers the support that midwives are so often unable to provide due to the pressured environment and time constraints within the hospital.  Assisting and advocating for mums wants and needs throughout the birth has an ongoing affect upon their mothering journeys.

I now run a busy naturopathic practice, speak at events and take my Ancient Path Apothecary stall to various fayres, farmers markets and festivals.

My aim is to provide empowerment, information and support for people’s life and healing journeys… alongside offering ready made plant tinctures, incense resins, essential oils, carrier oils, dried herbs and specialist teas.

Nature grows. Nature works. Nature knows.

When we connect to our earth and trust in our instincts we stand a good chance of thriving.

These chosen subjects change your life, your outlook and your senses, they are truly holistic in every sense of the word.  Information is power and the power is yours.

Getting older reminds me that time is limited, the time is now.

I have the opportunity, gathered knowledge and life experience to help others, so this is my choosing.

What I have discovered is that Natural Medicine is not Alternative… it is Ancient.